perjantai 27. maaliskuuta 2020

Keep Calm...

 We are living rough times and the world has changed a lot in just few weeks. As I belong to high risk group,  I should stay at home with my family. There has been lot to think and worry lately. Whenever you open the TV, there you see pictures of this tiny virus that's been causing so much pain and suffering to so many people.
Let's help each other and pray for each other... I wish better days for everyone living trough these sad days ❤️

I've been having a big artist's block because of this. Yesterday I decided to push my anxiety to my art journal - maybe it would help to get the bottle of creativity open... I would like to participate to Art Journal Journey theme Green. If you consider my emotional burst to be acceptable...

Elämme vaikeita aikoja ja taistelemme näkymätöntä vihollista vastaan. Arkinen elämä on muuttunut muutamassa viikossa hirveän paljon ja päivät ovat olleet raskaita ja huolien täyttämiä. Koska vain avaa telkkarin, siellä odottaa toinen toistaan raskaampia uutisia inhimillisestä hädästä ja menetyksistä. Ollaan avuksi toisillemme, lähetellään virtuaalihalauksia, rukoillaan toistemme puolesta... Toivon parempia, valoisampia päiviä kaikille ❤️

Koska taiteilu on minulle myös keino purkaa tunteita, purskautin niitä eilen art journal kirjaani.

8 kommenttia:

  1. Fabulous art! Seeing the virus depicted this way makes me think more of the solar system - sort of a reflection. Food for thought for me ;-) I love the colours shining through the blackness. Wonderful.
    Cath x

  2. Oh this is really an exciting page and perfect for all the virus troubles. I love the big green splotches. They could be viruses for sure. Thank you for joining us at ARt Journal Journey with this perfect page. And com back soon. ANd of course, also stay healthy. Hugs-Erika

  3. A wonderful post and a powerful message for us to be together in these trying days. Thank you so much for linking to Eileen's theme at Art Journal Journey.
    Stay safe and well.

  4. A great idea for your posting and a strong message for everyone in this difficult time.
    Stay safe and healthy.
    Regards Elke

  5. Wonderfully done pages! I love them. Very cool way to think through and get some of your thoughts out. Very creative and cool. I especially love your heart rate monitor border. Wow.

  6. Awesome, fabulous, fantastic page, Sari! Can you tell I REALLY love this page. It's perfect in every way. It's beautiful as art. (I've thought that about the Corona virus itself - how beautiful it appears.) It beautifully depicts this new world we're living in. The title is to the point. I love all the funny phrases that express frustration at being stuck inside like a prisoner. I feel your pain ;-)

    This page made my day. Thank you for sharing it at Art Journal Journey for my green theme.

    Have a Lovely Sunday. Stay safe and well.

    Eileen xx

  7. Tallensitpa taiteellisesti yhden ihmeellisimmän muiston!!
    Tsemppiä tähän elon erikoiseen vaiheeseen!


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